The Semiconductor Industry

The Semiconductor Industry

Annual global semiconductor industry sales exceed $400 billion. The semiconductor industry contributes more than one billion euro each year to the Irish economy, and over €280 million is spent annually with Irish suppliers to the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductors enable the internet and a diversity of products, from smartphones and computers to cars and industrial equipment, while also creating emerging markets, such as AI, quantum computing, and advanced wireless networks, including 5G. The worldwide market for semiconductors is predicted to exceed $450 billion in 2021. This training course is a perfect introduction to the semiconductor industry, outlining its history, the leading players, terminology and economics.

This course is ideal for suppliers, job seekers and anyone who wants to improve their understanding of this highly lucrative industry.

People usually compare the computer to the head of the human being. I would say that hardware is the bone of the head, the skull. The semiconductor is the brain within the head. The software is the wisdom. And data is the knowledge.

Masayoshi Son

Course Elements

No. of days: 1 or 2 days, (4 to 8 zoom sessions)

No. of Participants: 6 – 15

Topics covered:

  • History of the semiconductor industry
  • What is a semiconductor?
  • Transistors
  • Products
  • Main players
  • Fabs and clean rooms
  • Industry terminology
  • Factory output
  • Matching methods

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