Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is changing the world. Companies that can capitalise and exploit the improved aptitudes presented by Industry 4.0 can profit from a better understanding of their operations, improved responsiveness, lower costs and the capacity to respond to specific customer needs in ways that transform current business standards. Industry 4.0 offers significant financial and social rewards to companies that embrace it. This course provides an ideal introduction to Industry 4.0, examining its key concepts and how they can be applied in Ireland.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is still in its nascent state. But with the swift pace of change and disruption to business and society, the time to join in is now.

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Course elements

No. of days: 1 or 2 days (4 to 8 zoom sessions)

No. of Participants: 6 – 15

Topics covered:

  • History of Industry 4.0
  • The four industrial revolutions
  • Key concepts of Industry 4.0
  • Smart Factories
  • Cyber-Physical systems
  • Decentralised self-organisation
  • Cobots
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The application of Industry 4.0 in Ireland

Benefits of attending this class

  • Better knowledge and understanding of the Industry 4.0 concept
  • A structured approach to Industry 4.0
  • Common language on Industry 4.0
  • Increased confidence by staff in Industry 4.0
  • Get state-of-the-art insights on the 4th industrial revolution
  • Discover the key Industry 4.0 concepts
  • Learn how Irish industry is responding
  • Start to build your roadmap on Industry 4.0

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