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Why are we here? To learn and have fun!

I can deliver courses in person at your facility. However, all courses can be delivered online via Zoom, Teams, Webex or Skype. Courses can be split into a series of one-hour zoom sessions that can be scheduled at times that suit you and your team. Often multiple short sessions are the best way to learn.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is changing the world. Companies that can capitalise and exploit the improved aptitudes presented by Industry 4.0 can profit from a better understanding of their operations, improved responsiveness, lower costs and the capacity to respond to specific customer needs in ways that transform current business standards. Industry 4.0 offers significant financial and social rewards to companies that embrace it. This course provides an ideal introduction to Industry 4.0, examining its key concepts and how they can be applied in Ireland.
The Semiconductor Industry.
Annual global semiconductor industry sales exceed $400 billion. The semiconductor industry contributes more than one billion euro each year to the Irish economy, and over €280 million is spent annually with Irish suppliers to the semiconductor industry.
Semiconductors enable the internet and a diversity of products, from smartphones and computers to cars and industrial equipment, while also creating emerging markets, such as AI, quantum computing, and advanced wireless networks, including 5G. The worldwide market for semiconductors is predicted to exceed $450 billion in 2021. This training course is a perfect introduction to the semiconductor industry, outlining its history, the leading players, terminology and economics. This course is ideal for suppliers, job seekers and anyone who wants to improve their understanding of this highly lucrative industry.

This course on leadership covers the skills and behaviours that are required to be regarded as a leader, even in situations where you are not the formal leader. In this course, you will learn about situational leadership, and how to build your confidence, integrity and the communication skills to become a great leader.
Improving work satisfaction

We spend a large amount of our time at work. It should be a source of satisfaction in our lives, but often it is not. This course covers strategies that employers and employees can adopt to improve workplace satisfaction. This course deals with connectivity, autonomy and competencies in the workplace and how these contribute to workplace satisfaction.
Process Improvement
Making improvements to processes is a crucial skill in the modern workplace. This course introduces a systematic approach to process improvement, examining how to improve both predictable and unpredictable processes. The course examines process improvement methodologies such lean and 6 sigma, and explains how to recognise when an improvement has been achieved and how to stop overreacting to fluctuations in KPI’s.
Time Management
Time management is a considerable challenge in the modern workplace. New technology has created many new distractions, all competing for our attention. Time management is not just about timekeeping; it is about prioritising, planning and having the self-control to concentrate on achieving our goals. This course focuses on time management skills for the modern age. It gives practical advice on how to manage interruptions from, people, social media, smartphones, email and online notifications.
Bespoke offerings
I have 36 years of experience of working in the most advanced manufacturing facilities on the planet and have extensive knowledge of operations management and how to manage in high-intensity workplaces. I can create bespoke training and workshop solutions to meet your team’s development needs.


Online zoom sessions are €370 + VAT per hour.

If you are interested in discussing my training courses in more detail or would like me to create a bespoke workshop for your company, please contact me, and we can arrange to have a zoom call about your requirements.

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