Data overload

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I often hear companies complain that they have an overload of data. They complain that they have more data than they can process.

My exploration of the Readiness of Irish Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 determined that the primary focus area of Industry 4.0 in Irish manufacturing was the area of data analytics.

Irish manufacturing is becoming data-centric. As Irish companies become more data-centric it is essential that education institutes provide the necessary learning programs to support the needs of future and present Irish manufacturing job seekers.

It is crucial for manufacturing companies to have data analytics competencies to drive the digital transformation to Industry 4.0. (Kamble, Gunasekaran and Gawankar 2018)

The digital revolution has created enormous quantities of data both in industry and research. The capability to analyse this data represents a new profession named the Data Scientist. Data Scientists are expected to be in high demand in future years. Some programs in Europe have started to tackle the need for this new profession. (Manieri et al. 2015). The EDISON project is an excellent example of such an activity. EDISON is an EU funded project with the purpose of accelerating the creation of the Data Science Professional.  (

If companies are to rise above the data overload that many are feeling the establishment of a sustainable business model for Data Science related education and training within Ireland and Europe is essential. EDISON is a great start.

It is crucial that present and future job seekers are technologically prepared to meet the needs of industry to maximise the extraction of meaningful information and actions from the ever-increasing amounts of data available to organisations,


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