Do not overemphasize project due dates

Worried Man

Organizational objectives and goals are met through projects. Project managers put considerable emphasis on task due dates. As a self-employed trainer and Assistant Professor at a busy University, I am no exception to the pace of the Gantt chart.

Many people spend a lot of time and energy needlessly worrying and griping about task due dates. This is energy that would be better spent on progressing the task rather than complaining about it to coworkers. Overthinking and worrying about task due dates only creates stress, wasted energy and time, and occasionally lost sleep.

Mindfully watch when you are wasting energy worrying about due dates, and when you catch yourself, gently and without judgement, bring yourself back to the task.

Be mindful of feeling too much pressure and do something about it. If the task due date is unrealistic, tell the project manager, and they will thank you for your honesty. Review the Gantt chart with them, and help them create a realistic and achievable plan. You are the expert on the tasks you have been assigned. Let the project manager know your expert opinion. If you have been given a task you cannot deliver, escalate intensely and immediately to the project manager.

Being able to state the truth assertively will set you apart from others as a precious employee.

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