Let go of control

Billy Schofield

I am trying to stop controlling people and things that are outside of my control.

I have come across quite a few controlling people in my career. These people were fixated with the actions of others and became angry when people did not behave in the manner they expected them to behave. Some of them behaved like tyrants.

Controlling behaviour is stressful for both the controller and the people they are trying to control. It is a lose, lose situation. If they had chosen to be less controlling, their days and the days of those they sought to control would have been more serene and productive.

If you find yourself becoming irritated by the behaviour of others because they did not do it according to your “right” way, learn to let it go. Embrace the diversity of approaches, stop worrying and stressing about people’s methodologies.

Learn to negotiate, cooperate, and discuss; this can be difficult at times, but it is better than constantly worrying about how other people manage tasks.  You will become calmer to be around, your stress levels will drop, people will be more inclined to help you, and you may be surprised by the success of your new strategy.

I am trying to adopt the habit of being less controlling and to rebuild my identity as a more accepting individual.

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