Get rid of the rat race mindset

Billy speaking in Bristol

I occasionally hear people talking about being stuck in the daily grind, a seemingly never-ending vicious cycle of commute-work-commute. They describe a frantic, tiresome soul-destroying existence.

These people are often stressed and easily upset. While other people doing the same jobs and the same commute describe their lives in a much more positive and serene way.

It is uplifting to meet people from the corporate world who can describe their lives positively and peacefully. So much of our work is defined by how we view the world. Our reality is based on how we view the world, and if we positively view the world, we set our reality as optimistic. Seeking happiness outside of ourselves is one sure way never to find it.

Let us lose the rat race mentality and view the world as opportunities for growth and fulfilment rather than self-defeating and harmful. Life’s journey may sometimes upset, infuriate, and disappoint us, but we must view our struggles as opportunities for growth and not get lost in viewing life as a soul-destroying affair.

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