5 steps to develop your goals

Billy’s whiteboard December 2021

I am starting to set my goals for 2022.

Over the past few days, I have been defining the process I shall use.

I have defined five crucial steps,

Step 1

Define my perfect life. What does my ideal life look like?  I will begin with the end in mind by writing down my perfect life. This defines my vision. My perfect life vision creates the tension for change between my current reality and my perfect life. This defines how I hope my life will look like in the future.

Step 2

Set my theme for 2022. Setting my theme helps me to start to define my goals for 2022. For 2022 I have chosen my theme as happiness and health. Defining my theme is a metanoia, changing my thinking and attitude to what I want to achieve next year.

Happiness and health.

Step 3

Based on my vision and 2022 theme, I can then define my actual goals for 2022. These are the things I will achieve next year and the things I will spend more time doing in 2022.

Step 4

Set my habits and rituals for 2022. For each 2022 goal, I will define habits and rituals that I shall do at a specified frequency, time and place to help me achieve my goals. Every goal will have a list of habits and rituals. This defines my tactical plan for 2022.

Step 5

Apply the PDSA cycle through the year. Plan, Do Study, Adjust. Any time I spend on things other than my goals is a distraction. Mantra: I am someone who does not get distracted.

What process do you use to set your goals for the coming year?

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